About Us

Our executive team has been involved in the coal mining industry for over 20 years. We are committed to providing the highest quality coal at the lowest price for our customers throughout the United States, and the across the globe.

Our unique ability to produce high-quality coal products at low, hyper-competitive prices is the result of our culture and our embracing cutting-edge technology and extraction techniques.

Our business is based on three principles. Every decision we make comes back to these guiding principles:

– Make safety the top priority – Respect the community and environment – Focus on excellence at every level of the company. Because safety is our top priority we are able to attract the best talent. We are also able to build skilled teams that trust one another and trust the company to always do the right thing. When it comes to safety there are no shortcuts. We never sacrifice safety for the sake of efficiency. Our people know that we value them much more than anything we pull up out of the ground.

Our mine is part of the community. We provide excellent jobs and contribute to the local area. But, respecting the community goes beyond just offering employment opportunities. We make sure that we protect the unique natural beauty and resources of the area surrounding Emery. We are environmentally responsible and have worked hard to maximize our reuse of water and minimize our emissions. It is important to us to be good stewards of the land and a dependable part of the community.

We believe that even the smallest details are important. We focus on excellence at every level of the company. There is always room for improvement. We have high expectations and our team always meets those expectations. We have found that we you focus on being great at all the small things, everything else gets better.

Because of our operational excellence we produce the highest quality bituminous coal, lump coal, and stoker coal at the most competitive prices

about us