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Many scholars worldwide paid much attention to the effect of effective stress or pore pressure on the permeability. However, only a few of them attempted to perform a comprehensive analysis of permeability response to pore pressure under complex stress conditions of a lump of coal . Furthermore, most scholars focused on the effect of effective normal stress on coal permeability, while picture of a lump of coal has been made on the influence of coal skeleton shear stress on the permeability are quite scarce.

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The effect of pore pressure on permeability is generally attributed to the Klinkenberg effect and the pore pressure compression effect. The lump of coal gift permeability is known to be influenced by the lump coal for sale pore pressure and effective stress in coal mines. The pore pressure effect on the permeability under different stress conditions was assessed by varying the pore pressure in coal samples and simulating different in situ stresses and answers the question does lump of coal stack. For this purpose, gas seepage tests with various stress levels were conducted via the original gas flow and displacement testing apparatus using bituminous coal samples from the Xutuan coal mine.

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Concerning the stress sensitivity, consider the case where the effective shear stress is negative, i.e., the radial pressure is higher than the axial one. If the average effective normal stress is kept constant, the lump of coal drawing skeleton has the same compression state, whereas the effective shear stress represents the intensity of shear slip in the coal skeleton. Besides, under negative effective shear conditions, the permeability curves change slightly, while under a positive one, this change is more drastic. So, in this case, the shear slip degree caused by the effective shear stress is quite intense, and the coal lump sample permeability is high.

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